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There are loads of makes of linux but no matter what the make each linux generally has 2 main GUI's.  

GUI stands for Graphical User Interface and is a fancy term for all the nice windows and boxes you can see on a PC screen.   In Linux you wll also hear the GUI described as a Window Manager.

The 2 main types of GUI in Linux are KDE and GNOME.  

KDE is recommended if you are used to Windows and the taskbar at the bottom with a start menu etc.

GNOME is suitable if you like the Apple Mac idea with the taskbar along the top of the screen.  

The above 2 statements are a very broad generalisation - both KDE and GNOME have their strengths and weaknesses.  Visit each site above to check out what they look like but I will show you later how you can try each out without before deciding to install Linux fully on your PC.

Now, GNOME and KDE are the most popular GUI for the Linux desktop but they are certainly not the only ones available.  Another popular desktop is XFCE.  This requires a less powerful computer than GNOME or KDE and thus is well suited to older PC's.  However, for a lightening fast setup on a modern PC then XFCE is still a good option.