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A brief history of Linux.

If you are a follower of all things IT you'd be forgiven for thinking that this thing called Linux has just appeared out of nowhere.

Infact, you might be surprised to discover that Linux has been around in it's current form since the early 90's but the foundations go back much longer.

Late 1960's - Unix is developed and released in 1970's.  It is widely adopted in business and academic circles.

1983 - a programmer Richard Stallman creates the GNU Project.  It is an attempt at creating a Unix type operating system but composed of entirely free software.

1987 - Another programmer Andrew S. Tanenbaum creates Minix, a Unix like operating system for Academic use.

1991 - a Finnish student  Linus Torvalds creates a non commercial version of Minix and calls it Linux.  The Linu is from Linus and the x is from the 'ix' part of Minix.

The rest is history.

For more info on Linux history check out this Wikipedia article.