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What is Linux?

Linux is an Operating System.  An operating system is the program that allows you the user to interact with your PC.

Without an operating system your PC is simply nothing more than a useless collection of plastic and metal.

The operating system brings this collection of plastic and metal to life and allows you the user to interact with the system.

It enables you to move a mouse on your desk and see the mouse pointer move around the screen. It enables you to type on a keyboard and see the characters appear on screen.

Linux is a free operating system. Free as in free beer and free speech.

Whereas you can pay big bucks for other operating systems, you can freely download Linux and install it on your computer.   No-one will ask you for money or hide in squint-print the fact that you don't own the operating system and no-one will reserve the right to come round to your home and stop you using it if they so wish, as other Operating System manufacturers do.

Also, if you upgrade your pc by installing a new graphics card or cpu, the people behind Linux won't demand that you go and 'buy' a new copy of Linux because you have 'invalidated your licence'.