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Why use Linux?

You may be thinking about installing Linux and if so there are many reasons for using Linux.  If you are not thinking of installing Linux then hopefully the following reasons will help you decide.

So why use Linux?

1. It's free.

2. It's a lot more secure and alot less prone to virus's and hackers than Microsoft Windows.   In fact, I can almost guarantee that you will not get a virus on a linux system.  I have been using Linux for over 3 years, I have no anti-virus, anti-hacker or any anti-spyware software installed and I have never had a security problem, even though I leave my system switched on and connected to the internet 24/7.   It is reckoned that an unprotected (to protect is another approx $75) Windows PC is attacked by hackers within 20 mins of going online.  Windows user claim that the only reason Linux has little or no virus is because 'no-one uses it'.  They claim that if everyone used it then there would be loads of linux viruses.  This is simply untrue.  The reality is that by design Linux is a lot more secure than Windows.  Here is an excellent article which explains this even more.

3. You can do 99% of what you can do on Windows on Linux.  The 1% difference is among the likes of software such as brain surgery software. Of course, the chances are you are not a brain surgeon so you won't have to worry about that. Now, I don't even know if there is brain surgery software for Linux or indeed Windows but a common cry of anti-linux people is that there is 'no software for linux'.  This is simply untrue.   And if you must, you can actually run Windows software on Linux.

So, if this Linux is so good then why is everyone not using it?

A very good question.  Are you reading this web page on a PC that uses a Microsoft operating system?  If so then when purchasing your pc did you really walk into the PC store and ask for a PC with Windows?  Maybe you did but the fact is that most people just go and 'buy a PC'.  Windows just happens to be installed on it.  Microsoft do not make the best operating system.  McDonalds do not make the best burgers.  McDonalds are just excellent in marketing their burgers and getting consumers to buy them.  Likewise, Microsoft are excellent in getting their product out to the masses.  Grab a computer magazine and check out those ads in the magazine from Dell and HP and Gateway etc.  There will be a piece of text on the page that will probabaly say "Dell/HP/Gateway 'recommends' Windows 7" This is just marketing trash.  As part of their agreement with Microsoft they have to print it.  Microsoft is simply an excellent marketing machine that strong arms PC manufacturers and retailers into supplying Windows on their machines.  

Now this might surprise you - when you bought that PC with Windows you do not actually own the copy of Windows.   Microsoft still owns it, all you have is a license to use it and they have the right to remove this licence at any time.   But hold on, this couldn't be the UK there are copies of Windows 7 for sale at approx 150, surely you must own it ofter paying that sort of money?  Nope, you don't.  You have paid 150 for a flimsy box and a plastic cd/dvd, Microsoft still owns the software and can take it off you at any time if they wish.

There is nothing to stop you buying a PC with no operating system installed on it and installing Linux.  Also, if you buy a PC and do not want the copy of Windows installed on it, then I bet you don't realise that you have the right to request a refund from the PC manufacturer for this software you don't want.  More on that later...