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Install X-Plane on Ubuntu 9.10 Part 1

Linux is famous for being 'open source' in that the source code for Linux plus all the applications is normally available for those who want to view or modify it.

However, not all Linux programs are Open Source.  Some are 'closed source' in that the developers who create it would like to keep how they created it a 'secret'.  The argument here is that the company or developers have invested time and money in creating a program, charge for their work so why should they go releasing the code to any Tom Dick and Harry.

Personally I have no issues with this, there are some good programs for Linux which are closed source.  One such program is the flight simulator X-Plane.  X-Plane is a paid for program and the 6 dvd set contains versions for Linux, Mac and Windows.  It is in my opinion the best flight sim available for the PC.  In this article I'll run through installing it on Ubuntu linux 9.10.

First of all a tip.  If you have not got it already then I recommend installing the Nautilus add-on that allows you to navigate around your file system and then right click, and open a terminal at the folder location.  On Ubuntu search for nautilus-open-terminal in your package manager.  This little app is not just handy for this exercise, it's good to have for day to day use.  I wish Canonical would include it as default in Ubuntu as other distros do.

Click here to get started with Part 2.

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